Satu kisah III


× (I’m in your strength, your weakness, your crazy mind, your madness, your pray, your smile, your tears, your laugh, your scream. And the last one, I’m become the one you’d belive in. A faith)

× nice try sin
° I won’t give up!! 
× then don’t. We’ll see how long it takes. just let me in to your last… defense. 
° I may injured. But you won’t see me fall apart.
× your faith. Seen delicious.
° even u can’t touch it. 
× not yet. Until you let me. Accept me. Accept me. I’ll set you free. Something makes u forget the pain. Let me… 
° my faith is just belong to me.
× you’ll learn sin, time will break your fake skin. your little strength.
° time have a limit, this body also. You can’t fool me with your game.
× yes I can. It’s just one of my blades
° this war without weapons
× hahaha I know. My blades isn’t weapons. It’s everything you like. It’s your weaknesses. There’s no force that can’t be destroyed. It’s call a SIN. 
> don’t listen to him, sin. conversation is one of his tricks
° i’m trying
> saat manusia menyerahkan dirinya untuk kesenangan yang maya, saat itulah dia bermain dengannya. terlalu halus, hingga kau tak menyadari sedang dipermainkan. dan saat kau sadar, kau tak akan sanggup berhenti. kau terikat pada segala sesuatu yang sudah kau cintai. akhirnya ‘penerimaan’ menjadi jalan keluar bagimu untuk masuk lebih dalam. It’s ok being crazy as they think, the important one is you still have your OWN will. That’s your last defense.

× played well (giving standing applause)